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Colour Stories

Colour Stories

Hi, I’m Jess and I’m the Creative Director at Buckley Clothing.

I am one of the initial contributors to Buckley in 2019 and very proud of where the brand is today.

Right, Colour, Inspiration and Trends – Where do they come from? And, how does my process work with them?

When designing any range, I always start with the colour palette. It is actually one of my favourite parts of any design and production process. Colour trends are really the heart of fashion and flow from season to season. I am constantly fascinated by how shades of colour can be used and take inspiration for bygone days. A colour can suddenly look new and fresh because it’s against a totally different palette of other colours.


Through the research I do, I pinpoint 3-4 new key colours each season and build our palette around these. Inspiration can come from lots of different places such as catwalk shows, social media or general popular culture. The key colours I put together then become the basis for our colour stories and products.. It’s a very fluid process.

This season my favourite colour story has to be the clashing pinks and reds on ladies wear. I’m sure there used to be a rule about pink and red not being worn together but times have changed, and we like to throw the rules out the window anyway!! I think they look fantastic in our prints and especially the dip dye dress and top. I’ll be wearing them as soon as soon as summer comes around. I hope you love them as much as me!





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